Helpful information for a parent or caregiver

Verna McFelin
Chief Executive

Haere mai, Talofa lava, welcome to Just Us, the support web site of PILLARS, a non-governmental, national organization that provides unique and specialized support for children and families of prisoners in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

When a parent goes to prison it can be a traumatic and distressing time. To help you deal with the confusion and provide you the support you may need we have put together some useful information that will help you to answer some of the commonly asked questions we have heard over time,

PILLARS has been providing services for children and families of prisoners in New Zealand for over 20 years. PILLARS provides home based support for parent / caregivers and a mentoring programme for children of prisoners if you live in Christchurch or South Auckland. Get in touch with us if you want this free, confidential and non-judgmental support at this time. If you do not live in Christchurch or South Auckland, unfortunately you are not eligible for this service at this time.

Got a question? We have a lot of experience and can often help with answers. Visit our blog for commonly asked questions or ask one of our staff who will answer you by e-mail.

Useful support links for a parent or caregiver

The following links will also help you to deal with this confusing time and provide the support you may need to give you a general understanding of the New Zealand prison system. It will help to answer some of the commonly asked questions of children and parent / caregivers. We have done our best to source for you the best international links available, therefore, language and some processes do not apply to the New Zealand environment. Although all links from this site are tested for their quality and relevance, responsibility for content on these sites lies entirely with the site's creators. All efforts have been made to ensure that images, sounds and text used within our site have been done so with appropriate permission.

Corrections system

Corrections System

Pillars Family Resources

A series of up-to-date family resources to help you with the process from Arrest through to Release.

Do you have a question?

We have a lot of experience, and can help you. Click and ask our office. We will give you an answer.

Helpline: 0508 PILLARS (0508 745527)

You can ring this any time if you live in New Zealand and someone will be there to talk.

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Hear the voices of children

Listen to children talking about their experiences of having a parent in prison.

"Families on Trial" Click and see the video

Three people talk candidly about the devastation caused by the arrest and sentencing of a family member.

These visually and emotionally arresting films were commissioned in the UK by Prisoners' Families and Friends Service to show the problems faced by these invisible victims of crime.

Click on the video to see it.